Nations prohibited by Pearlmine

North Korea
South Yemen

Pearlmine is a group of people with open thoughts, it gives message of peace and prosperity in the world.

All the above countries have been banned by Pearlmine due to involvement in terrorist activities. Significantly, the United Nations has declared above countries a terrorist nation. The use of Pearlmine website in these countries is prohibited. And any citizen of these countries is willing to join Pearlmine anywhere in the world. If found, his ID will be cancelled immediately.

Significantly, Pearlmine does not support terrorism in any way. Pearlmine gives message of humanity and peace. It is a symbol of wealth related freedom in the world. Pearlmine believes that terrorism is poison for humanity. Keeping in mind the perquisites of the Pearlmine system, the system has banned these countries and their citizens. The use of any service related to Pearlmine in all the above countries is strictly prohibited.